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STRICTLY CURLS: A step-by-step guide to styling curly hair

We Love Curly Hair! Within these three resources you will learn how to love your curls by understanding why, how and what to do to make your curls as beautiful as they can be...

STRICTLY SHORT: The sister book to Strictly Curls

Video Education: Cutting & styling curly kids hair

As you turn the pages of this 6x9 spiral bound, hard cover book, you will find 14 beautifully photographed looks. Each look comes with detailed step-by-step instruction on how to create such a style. Inspire your  mind with helpful tips found thoughout the book as well, as sections on bobby pinning, accessories and more, A great gift for yourself or a friend. 



"Striclty Curls is one of the best how-to books out there for girls with curls. It gets them excited about all the beautiful things they can do with their hair. And the directions are so easy to follow."

_Michelle Breyer Co-founder


"This is a great book! The styles are totally fashionable and the instructions are so easy to follow. I love that there are girls with different types of curl and many pictures to refer to."

Barnes and - anonymus review

Strictly Short:  The sister book to Strictly Curls: A how-to guide to styling curly hair is a fun, educational curly hair book catering to women with curly hair. Whether you have long or short hair you will enjoy reading the 39  page book packed with information all women should know about ingredients in their products, how to get a soft, structured finish style, tips on salon etiquette and a section on grey hair and what to do to make it gorgeous and much more!



Nicole Siri has put together an instructional video to help parents cut and style their kids curly hair.



Cutting boys hair as it grows out

Trimming layered curly hair

Cutting an A-line bob

Styling kids curly hair



This video was very helpful!  It gave me the confidence to give my son (18 months) his first haircut.  His hair looks great, and I love that I did it myself.


For the past few months I have been embarrassed at how out of control Luke's curls were.  I tried special conditioners and gels.  It was always frizzy and in knots.  After cutting his hair, the curls look healthy and have a nice shape.  I love all the compliments he gets on his cute curls.


I cut Luke's hair a little at a time because of his age and so that I could see how the shape was changing and where I wanted to cut next.  I actually had a lot of fun cutting his hair, and it's hard to believe I was afraid to do it before watching the video.


Nicole's tips on how to keep curls from sticking out on the sides and how to prevent heaviness in the back were great.


It was quick and easy to access the video, and the quality was very professional.  I was able to watch it on my laptop and my iPad.


Molly McKee

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