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from a dream to reality...

I'm a Curly Hair Specialist!

I never thought I would specialize in a particular area of the hair industry because I have loved the art of designing hair since I was formally introduced to it in 1996.  As my career evolved so did my passions.  I wrote Strictly Curls in 2004 after many curly clients would ask for quick ideas on how to wear their hair up so their hair looked cute and professional. It's a blessing to love what you do and to be able to help people feel good about themself. With all the long haired curly girls expressing enthusiasm for Strictly Curls I had short hair curly girls wanting something for them.

Strictly Short was intended to be a short hair colleciton of hairstlyes so ladies who want to keep their hair short have styling options. As the content of the book progressed, I realized I needed to add to the pictures and express my mind about topics in the beauty industry that are important to me as a stylist and a mom. I tried to keep all catagories "strictly short".   In truth I could talk in length about each topic in the book.  Along with Strictly Short I made 4 educational videos to help parents be empowered to help their curly hair kids with their hair.


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